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Luxury is a desire but comfort is a need. The idea of Komfort Factory was established in 1990. The team has been making beanbags for multiple brands. Generations of experience was passed on to the youth who decided to establish their own brand name – KOMFORT FACTORY.

A bean bag can be manufactured considering different materials, sizes and shapes. These 3 variants decide the price of the bean bag. Our aim is not to just sell beanbags but ensure that the products we sell provide optimum comfort to our customers.

Beanbags are more comfortable than any other furniture in the house. The beans take the shape of the body and fill each and every gap in the muscles and the bones which helps you with the maximum relaxation and comfort. The product upholstery is manufactured in India with the highest export quality standards. 

We intend to support the Nationalization agenda of the GCC countries. We are currently operating in Qatar only. Therefore we ensure that the owner’s are all Qatari Nationals.

Why Us?

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We provide unparalleled support for all the products we sell.

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Shipping is free all over Doha

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Out trial policy is simple. Order your bean bag, try it out for 15 minutes. If you like it, only then you pay for it.

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