Due to the current pandemic situation we ensure that each bag is well sanitized and sent for trial to our customers. All our staff ensure that each safety protocol is strictly followed.

Due to the unique nature of the product, we don’t recommend to purchase beanbags online, as you need to try first before you make the purchase.  The bean back should be comfortable for you and your household. So try it in your house before you make the payment.

You can order your bean bag for free trial on the same day with the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Chose the Color and Size.
  2. Send us your location via WhatsApp (+974-50061234).
  3. Try out the bag for 15 minutes and only if you are comfortable then you can purchase the bag then and there.

Just send your location through WhatsApp (5006-1234) and we will have your bag delivered in no time!

We deliver all over Qatar!

  • Double or Triple stich are best.
  • Don’t go for single stitch.
  • Leatherette is the best fabric for bean bags as they can be cleaned easily, have a long life.
  • Ensure that the thickness of the leatherette is more than 1mm and there is a backing (Nylon Web or canvas Backing is best).
  • Don’t go for 100% leather because they leave sweat marks on the bag and if there is any spillage of liquid the material will be stained.
  • Don’t buy foam leather as the durability is very less. Although they feel softer than leatherette they will tear out fast.
  • Cloth fabric are the cheapest and the quality is as good as any other cloth can be. It has a short life, compared to other materials.
  • Ask for the Height and Base of the beanbag.
  • Each manufacturer has different sizes for Small, Medium, Large, XXL,XXXL etc etc. Don’t fall for the sizes given by the manufacturer.
  • Ask what length and height is most accommodating.
  • Currently we are only selling Large and XLi sizes.

We use high quality color on our fabrics. But should you have concerns, you check the integrity of the color by following these steps:

  • Use strong dishwashing or fabric detergent and try to rub the fabric with a piece of cotton.
  • Kerosene, diesel or petrol on a small piece of cotton is also used to check the color quality.


Although the beans are inside the bag, the beans play an important role, especially for safety and comfort. Here are some thing you should look out for:

  • The beans should be fire retardant to avoid any accidents.
  • The size of the beans should be 05mm to 08 mm.
  • Bigger than 08mm beans will become flat faster and lesser than 05 mm beans will be uncomfortable to sit on.

The actual prices of the King Size bag is QAR.750, Queen Size is QAR.550 and kids size is QAR.355. The published prices the negotiated prices and lower market rate compared to the quality of product and size. Negotiating further would drop the quality and komfort. We would never like to negotiate on quality and komfort of the consumer.

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